Entry #4

Submit your game on LorenzGames.Com

2008-08-10 19:49:41 by LorenzGames

Submit your game on my portal LorenzGames.Com, it will go live immediately, and if you register, your game will be on the front page.


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2008-08-10 20:08:18

But isn't that what newgrounds is for?


2008-08-29 18:25:06

Sounds interesting! Is there a link you can give me if I want to put games to my site?


2008-08-30 14:00:41

Sorry for the message but it still goes way to slow and all the players are speed demons


2009-03-20 23:47:06

Im a member there and I just realised you were on NG. Kinda strange since youre almost a competing website but I like what you said about us in the blog. And GoldenPickaxe is an idiot. Flash artists on NG submit their games everywhere they can.