Submit your game on my portal LorenzGames.Com, it will go live immediately, and if you register, your game will be on the front page.

Hi guys, i have created a new group on StumbleUpon for Flash Game Developers, you can find the article here eUpon_to_promote_and_to_learn_how_to_m ake_games
lets make it grow.

New group on StumbleUpon for Flash Game Developers

LorenzGames.Com is Live!

2008-05-08 23:06:05 by LorenzGames

LorenzGames.Com is live!!!
Thousands of new games, and my AWAY3D games too... check it out!

LorenzGames.Com is Live!

Hello guys... i am thinking to do a series of new 3d games.
i have already done 2, look on my page and tell me what you think about them.